Tuesday, 3 April 2012

Gallery Call

Fancy seeing your layout in Scrap365? Then read on!

We are looking for submissions for the following galleries in Scrap365. Please EMAIL a photo of your submission initially to scrap365@traplet.com and we'll get in touch if you are selected for print. The deadlines are for the submission to come into us, you'll have additional time to ship your project.

Wallet-sized Photos (deadline for submissions 30th April)
We are looking for layouts featuring wallet-sized photographs (2" x 3") - the kind you carry around in your wallet. Think of ways that you could accommodate these small photos stylishly or in a unique way. *** NOW FULL ***
Integrated Photos (deadline for submissions 31st May)
Don't just stick your photo on your layout but make the photo an integral part of the layout.  Perhaps you could put your title on the photo or journal directly onto the photo.  May be you have other ideas to really ground your photo and make it part of the background.  If you have any great ideas then we would love to see your layouts.

The Great Outdoors (deadline for submissions 31st May)
It's a great big world out there.  Do you have beautiful pictures of landscapes that you want to scrap? Do you like to spend your weekends outdoors or go camping or hiking?  Perhaps you have a layout featuring a garden party or outdoor-themed papers and embellishments? Send us your layouts with an outdoor theme.

A few guidelines:
We are looking for unpublished, previously unseen artwork. You can submit something you have already made but ideally it will not have been seen anywhere including blogs and online galleries.

Please only submit by email - don't worry if your photo is not perfect, as long as we can see the overall project then that's enough for us to make a decision. We'd appreciate compressed files if possible to save our emails getting clogged up!

If you are selected, then we will ask that items are submitted to us by post (they will be returned to you). Bear in mind that you might want to use strong adhesive to ensure your project arrives intact. You will also be asked to provide a list of materials and a quote but we'll let you know.

Off-the-page submissions are welcome for the above listed galleries as are layouts in 8.5x11, A4 or 6x12 sizes, journal pages and digi submissions.

We look forward to seeing your wonderful creations.  If you have any questions just email us scrap365@traplet.com

The Scrap365 Team.


  1. Hello there, it says on the post that we should email you our pages, but could you let me know which email address I should send it to? Thank you so much.

  2. Hi Anne
    It's scrap365@traplet.com. Look forward to hearing from you.

    Katy x

  3. What month's issue is the great outdoors call for? Would a fall outdoor layout be appropriate? Thanks so much! -Tracie Claiborne (www.tracieclaiborne.blogspot.com)

  4. Hi Tracie
    This gallery is for Sept issue, so a fall theme would be just fine with us. Thanks for your interest, we look forward to your submission.

    Best wishes,